Dr Lindsey Bennett is an Additional Learning Needs provider, artist, academic researcher and educator deeply committed to providing a holistic model of learning to children and young people. She offers provision across North Wales and  the North West of England. Lindsey also serves as a coach using the skills she has gathered to foster and encourage creative self-expression through teaching and learning.


2020 Making and Relational Creativity

Making and Relational Creativity [Routledge - 2020] explores the developing relationships that  arise between art teachers and students through creative practices outside of  the secondary school arts curriculum. 



Lindsey Bennett is a world-class, educational professional, practicing innovative pedagogies in an exceptional learning environment, curated by herself to the highest standards. Lindsey works closely with colleagues in her capacity as professional learning coach, making use of the latest research to drive continuous improvement across the school. Lindsey’s success is underpinned by the quality of her students’ work, their feedback and outstanding results.

Katrina Brown
Principal Chester
International School

Innovative and limitless!

Lindsey brings a warm and personal experience to every child whiles never compromising on academic expectations. Underpinning these creative lessons such as her fruit autopsy lesson, Lindsey includes a wealth of art history and draws on a wide range of cultural and artistic influences. We adapted her fruit autopsy lesson from an Art GCSE lesson to our English as an Additional Language lesson for visiting Chinese students who loved learning food vocabulary in such a fun way.

As a colleague and collaborator you will not find a better professional on your team!

Kate Unsworth
Moor Allerton Preparatory School

Dr Lindsey Bennett is an inspirational researcher, art practitioner, author and teacher.  In all aspects of her work, her approach to educational practice is always student-centric and this is just as abundantly clear through her academic works and publications as it is in her classroom pedagogy. Lindsey’s mentorship and guidance is valued beyond measure and she elicits the very best out of colleagues and students alike. Her distinguished career within the education sector affords her an extensive understanding of the issues and challenges facing educators, whilst her creativity, compassion and dynamism facilitates insights and solutions. Dr Bennett achieves what is often lacking in academic research; a perfect balance of theoretical and conceptual knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. She is a tour de force.

Dr Sharon Smith
Educational researcher, school governor and online teacher

Working with Lindsey is both inspirational and energising. Having worked on multiple projects, I’ve always come away feeling like I’ve learnt and grown as an individual. Her ability to hold in balance the small details and big picture enables new thinking to take place and enhanced understanding.

Owen Chamberlain
Strategic Integrations Program Manager, Trimble Inc

I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible impact Lindsey and her tutoring business have had on my son. For years, he struggled in school and felt increasingly defeated by the education system. But everything has turned around with help from Lindsey.
From the very first session, Lindsey brought a level of patience, understanding, and expertise that was truly transformative. Her energy and enthusiasm match my son’s, and her passion for her craft shines through—really inspiring him. She took the time to understand my son's unique learning style and is completely tailoring her approach to meet his needs.
Thanks to Lindsey's exceptional holistic approach, he is now starting to believe in his own potential. Seeing the spark of enthusiasm in his eyes and hearing him speak excitedly about their projects together is something I will always cherish.
Lindsey offers more than just a tutoring service; it is a testament to the power of personalised education. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey to any parent seeking meaningful, impactful support for their child's education.
Nicola O.