You are never too old to Play!

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 09.16.59

It has been such a busy time both personally and professionally.  My daughter turned 21 and I decided to plough all my creativity into decorating the house.  The day was spend moving furniture blowing up balloons, hanging lights and adding all those finishing touches that make the gift of giving so special.  I have also been exploring creativity with my student by cracking open the paints and exploring colour theory through receding and advancing colours. Because of COVID restrictions this has been our  first full practical of classroom work for sometime and it felt great to be donning my apron getting covered in paint and watch students explore mark making through painting techniques. It got me thinking about the importance of remembering to play exploring whatever makes your happy.  For too long play has been associated with pre-school children – something that you grow out of as you get older.  Research tells us that play is such an important part of artistic practice. Play is a place where there are no expectations and you are allowed to take risks.  It is only by taking risks that we can break boundaries and real breakthroughs can take place.  Play is not just contained to art but anything creative that we do whether it be baking a cake, planning a party or playing a musical instrument.  This week I am going to remind myself to keep playing and will hopeful creating some special Eureka moments!